Long Islander. 516.  University of New Haven junior. 203. Occasional Instagram photographer, model and soon to be YouTuber.

Currently, majors in Journalism with a double minor in Black Studies and Photography. Sassy, loyal, shady, cunning, proud, ambitious, an observer of life and WOKE af with a little bit of petty in me. 😏

He’s just trying to be him, doing what he’s got to do, some people think that he’s just sitting on top of the world. His life is real so please don’t get it twisted. And Moesha Brandy and ex-Bad Boy rapper Mase please don’t get mad at him for plagiarizing, he’s just paying homage. Always thirsty for the daily tea in the world of celebrity and race/LGBTQ+ issues. Radio and TV talk show/red carpet hosting is the dream one day. Wendy Williams is to me what Snapchat is to DJ Khaled. I’m gay #HowYouDoin. But the only women that can get the gay best friend title is Wendy Williams (of course), Trina or Beyoncé Giselle Knowles.

In the free time, I enjoy photography (as obvious), podcasts, Netflix, social media, acting like Sam White meets Colondrea Conners from Dear White People minus the tragic mulatto part, celebrity gossip (The Shade Room is my holy bible), poetry, music (what takes up 90% of my phone battery, Apple Music is the best $5/month ever spent), watching Vice on HBO, swimming, and most of all writing.

Go check my work. It’s been published in the Charger Bulletin, Caged Bird MagazineHer Campus New Haven and The Odyssey Online.

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