9 Best Black Performances in Horror Cinema

1. Kelly Rowland in Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Role: Kia Waterson, the best friend (and low-key a mean girl) to main character Lori who has reoccurring dreams about a man with a badly burned face and knives for fingers. Turns out it is Freddy Krueger who is using Jason Voorhees to slaughter the group of teens on Elm Street too so they can have nightmares again and Krueger can come back to life. Kia comforts Lori after the first murder and also thinks she needs to date again.

Best Line: “For nose jobs, what kind of anesthesia do the doctors use, they put you all the way under right?”

Most Memorable Moment: It’s a tie between her concern on whether she needs a nose job or when she tried to beat Jason with a random stick while calling him a “fucking asshole”.


2. Brandy in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

Role: The sassy and party-ready Karla, who is roommates and friends with Julie James who is trying to get over the events of last July 4th. She wins a radio contest for a trip for four to the Bahamas and drags Julie and her new friend Will in hopes of Julie getting over Ray who is stuck in Southport. However, the fisherman never died in the last movie and the island trip turns out to be a set up for him to kill Julie and her friends. 

Best Line: “Dude, I thought you were outta town. Look, I just wanted to borrow your black skirt, but I’m not ready to die for it.”

Most Memorable Moment: Brandy flying off balconies and falling through glasshouses and windows like she’s in The Hunger Games.

3. Jada Pinkett Smith, Elise Neal and Omar Epps in Scream 2 (1997)

Role: Jada and Omar play college couple Maureen and Phil who attends the premiere of Stab (based on the Woodsboro murders) and ultimately dies, but not before educating the audience about the lack of inclusion of African Americans in horror movies. Elise Neal plays Sidney Prescott’s roommate Hallie who tries to both comfort her in the wake of the campus murder spree and is trying to rush some pretty white girl sorority.

Best Line: “It’s some dumb-ass white movie about some dumb-ass white girls getting their white asses cut the fuck up, okay?” – Jada

Most Memorable Moment: Hallie’s dumb decision to not find a different roommate and distance herself from Ms. Sidney Prescott. I would’ve.

4. Busta Rhymes in Halloween: Resurrection. (2002)


Role: Busta Rhymes plays a director who sets up a live internet show with six college students spending the night in the childhood home of Michael Myers. (Tyra Banks was in the film but wasn’t really active.)

Best Line: “Trick or Treat motherfucker”

Most Memorable Moment: Rhymes karate kicking Michael Myers out a window.


5. Loretta Devine in Urban Legend (1998)

Role: Reese Wilson, the campus security officer at Pendleton University. She’s investigating the string of murders and disappearances of several students.


Best Line: “You don’t mind me asking, what the hell are you on?

Most Memorable Moment: Referring to the killer (Rebecca Gayheart’s character) as a “looney psycho bitch”


6. LL Cool J in Halloween H20 (1998)

Role: Ronny, a security guard at the boarding school where Lori Strode is a headmistress.


Best Line: “”Ah, fuck me. Shit.”

Most Memorable Moment: Ronny trying to write an erotic novel during his shifts.



7. Meagan Good in Venom (2005)


Role: CeCe, a teenager of Haitian Creole descent, who lives in the backwoods of Louisiana and helps her gang of friends find a way to stop a truck driver who under a Voodoo spell that turns him into a killing machine.

Best Line: None

Most Memorable Moment: Explaining voodoo/Creole culture to her confused white friends.

Texas Chainsaw - Tania Raymondei and Tremaine ‘Trey Songz’ Neverson
8. Trey Songz in Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Role: Ryan, Heather’s boyfriend who tag along with her on a trip to Texas.

Best Line: “It was one time. ONE TIME! And I had like 18 Kamikazes. And I’m begging you to keep your hands off MY SHIT.”

Most Memorable Moment: Being a shirtless-nice smiling-trifling ass nigga thought the flick. (Literally)


9. Keke Palmer in Animal (2014)

Role: Alissa, one of five college students, on a hiking trip, where a bloodthirsty beast stalks them.


Best Line: “I can’t stop. If I do, I’ll think about what that thing might have done to him. Or relive watching what it did to Jeff. But if I keep my eyes here and I focus, I can imagine what I’m gonna do to it. I’m gonna kill that thing, Mandy. I’m not gonna run anymore. I’m gonna kill it. I don’t know how, but I will. Or at least let me think I will.”

Most Memorable Moment: Her (tried) effort to try to survive and kill the wild creature.