My Slang Dictionary

Negrodian — Nigga stuff or rich nigga stuff like if in the news —

Example: Lil Wayne got 10 Lamborghini’s .. “that’s so negrodian.”


Two black guys got arrested for selling edibles and their church (that’s so negerodian).

Blacs (pronounced blocs) — rich/bougie black people that u see at Sag Harbor, Martha vineyard, Jack & Jill (it’s an exclusive social club for upper-class black folks). They think they are better than the rest of the black population)

Slayed (or slayation) – fucked, having sex

Example: “Girl I got slayed by my boss in the bedroom last night”

It is what it is — it’s whatever no shame in my game

Person: You came all the way here from Connecticut.

Me: it is what it is

Jumpoff – hoe/side-piece

Jumpoff Party – sex party

Nikkaa- a cleaner way to say the word “nigga” when you have to on the radio or television

Loochie – money

Put that where?? Back there? – meaning fuck off or hell no …(inspired by Vivica A. Fox)

Drinkey Drinkey – getting faded (drunk)

Swervation – When you’re drunk AF

“That’s why when I go to industry events I will never get drinkey drinkey to the point of swervation.”

Dragged up – Growing in a toxic environment/household

Example: “Cardi acts like that because she was dragged up not raised up.”

Professional Socialite – Someone who you used to be known for their acting or singing but now they are known to be socialites a la Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian/Zsa Zsa Gabor

Example: Ciara and Kelly Rowland hasn’t made music in years, they’ve gone on to become professional socialites. Blake Lively as well since Gossip Girl ended.

Splaboos – Michael Jackson’s version of the N-Word

Example: “Ben Carson thinks he’s better than the average splaboo because he made it out the ghetto.”

Zhoosh up – Fixup

Example: “See, we’ve got to zhoosh up your resume.”