56 things i’m dreading this school year 😒….

I’ve been in school since 1998, (if you count daycare) can’t you tell by the bags under my eyes I am so above the fray at this point??? *sarcasm everyone*

  1. The campus food (where is my family’s cooking when I need it?)

  2. Being in Connecticut (they could tell me “khaaliq you can have this mansion in Fairfield County and I would be like oh hell no!! I want to get out of this dry-ass state — no shade to ones who are from here)

  3. Professors, on the first day of class who hit you with the “let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves, where you from, your major, etc.”

  4. The freshmen who are practically everywhere with their lanyard around their neck

  5. classmates/fellow students who got beef with me (their problem not mine)

  6. RAs (not all of them)

  7. Residential Life and their unnecessary rules   

  8. Twin beds

  9. Happy-go-lucky Becky and Brennan who look like something straight out of a 2000s Disney Channel show

  10. Tests

  11. Talking about Donald Trump or anything politics related

  12. Possibly buying textbooks

  13. Clueless freshmen

  14. The thought of being in the same clubs as kids who were born in the 2000s

  15. The realization that Tiffany Haddish won’t be our commencement speaker for graduation this coming spring

  16. Biology class

  17. History of science, ethics or economic classes (according to my the core curriculum requirement)

  18. 30 credits left..but I want to take 12 credits per semester to accommodate internships

  19. Making sure I go to the gym (i’m graduating in may so I gotta get this body right)

  20. Having to be picky with my absences from class

  21. Possibly catching a cold or flu from my peers again

  22. Trying to get a new RSO off the ground

  23. Spotty Wifi

  24. Papers

  25. Staying in the library doing research

  26. Homecoming (we’re at a PWI, so it’s not as lit)

  27. Getting another mediocre artist for our spring weekend

  28. The weather change (then again I am on the east coast)

  29. The words/phrases: “student leader,” “diversity & inclusion,” “get political,” “your voice matters,” “cool beans.”

  30. Not living in a poppin city like Atlanta, Houston, d.c., Philly or Miami’

  31. Having to choose four family members to come to my graduation as it’s up in the air if we get more tickets

  32. Possibly heated racial tension on-campus

  33. Saying hi to people every day (don’t take it personally but sometimes I have one of the days that a hormonal-moody-ever-growing college student goes through)

  34. Racing against the clock to get assignments handed in time.

  35. Getting asked to stuff that I either don’t want to or have the time to do…

  36. Late night laundry cleaning

  37. Group projects

  38. The pressure to be politically correct

  39. Greeks strolling at parties

  40. Clout chasers

  41. Negros doing the most negerodian things

  42. 3,000 emails a day

  43. No sleep

  44. Alumni who always visit the campus every other day (no shade — but when I leave school, I’m leaving — won’t see me in a hot minute)

  45. Toxic people

  46. Solicitors

  47. Student debt I’m racking up

  48. Waking up early for classes

  49. Waking up early period

  50. People bitching complaining about parking (#CantRelate)

  51. Only having one break between labor day and thanksgiving

  52. My closest friends not being on-campus to kiki with (but thank god for technological communication)

  53. Still being a college student and not being my career field like NOW!!!

  54. Applying for entry-level jobs when October hits

  55. the talk about Colin Kaepernick and the NFL as if I ever fucking watched football to begin with … (football season is coming soon)