Why are people so fed up with the racism/prejudice on Grindr* and Jack’d*?

If you click on profile in Grindr, it won’t be uncommon to see a profile that says: “No blacks, No trans, No rice, no spice, no fems, no fats*. And there are gay people who come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities who feel uneasy; like they feel their dating/hookup options are limited.

My answer: Ignore these discriminators. Your options aren’t limited. If a white (or even black) guy put on their profile they don’t want a black person, that’s okay to me I probably don’t even fucking want you anyway. I know there are people in the gay community who say we shouldn’t be preferential, but that’s their opinion. I prefer dating niggas and Spanish niggas. And I don’t want to mate or date outside my race. I believe white guys aren’t as masculine as black and latino dudes. I think Derek Luke is 1000x sexier than Ryan Reynolds. No that does not make it racist me racist. The type of guy, I prefer is a cisgender masculine guy. That doesn’t make me transphobic. You have to realize for every person who doesn’t like you or type, there are people who very love your creed. I still get a lot of hit ups by many black guys, Spanish guys and even surprisingly white guys. And I’m three of things I listed above: thick (i don’t like the word fat), black and fem.

*Grindr and Jack’d are two ubiquitous gay dating/hookup apps

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